For those students who cannot attend my classes I am providing these videos which will give you a GREAT head start into learning Python 3. I hope you will take the time to learn them well.

Please go to my YouTube Channel and watch my videos. Below are links to the PDFs that will give info about the lesson as well as the homework.

Note: Some Videos may not be up yet, but I am working on them. See my facebook page for up to date information about the class.

Note: There are multiple videos for Lesson 10 since I did not want the video to be too long. So, it is broken into pieces – this also gives you a chance to try to program it in pieces as well.

There is no homework file for Lesson 14 since it was created to help you with lesson 13.

Lesson PreLesson 17 does not have have a homework file – this video will just introduce you to the wonderful world of lists.

Lesson 18 Homework file is located here – Sorry but WordPress would not let me save it for download.

Lesson 19: Lists – Interesting uses of lists has no homework file. There is homework – but you can find it in the video.

More coming! I am working on these as fast as possible. I am not a very good recorder so it takes me a long time to record then edit the videos. Plus it takes time to create the PDFs with the homework. Please check back every couple of days to see more PDFs and videos added to my YouTube account. I am hoping to do this full-time so I can provide these videos and pdfs MANY times a week. Your donation can help!

NOTE: You may see a lesson here without video – it means I am still working on the video or having problems with my connection as I rely on VPN to get me to YouTube and Facebook until I move to the Philippines.


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