Jerry Baker, CEO

Hello My name is Jerry Baker and I am the CEO of Education and More, Inc.  We created to be a way for low income families to afford an excellent future for their children.

There are many places on the internet that sells FAST solutions.  First of all, we don’t believe in those.  Second, many of them are very expensive.  Our product is the best low-fee way to guarantee your child success in the future.  Whether it be to get into a top university or to get a great job, we can help you without breaking the bank.

Our main educator, Markis Gardner, is top of the line with almost 20 years experience teaching.  Plus he loves teaching the low-level courses to make sure they get the foundations needed in order to advance to harder concepts.

Our product, Get The Solution, helps middle school students learn Python programming.  By learning it slow they will remember all the basics.  By the time they are ready to enter university, they will have a nice portfolio of projects they can submit to the university.  Plus, we will be guiding them on how to improve their English (TOEFL) and ACT/SAT scores.  We hope you will combine our product with tutoring (if needed) in English or ACT/SAT.  But, if funds are scarce, we will make sure you will succeed.  We are so sure of our product that we offer a full money-back guarantee as long as you work hard and do all our work.

We hope the fee is low enough that most people will be able to give us a try for one year to see if they like our service.  After we get established we will try to open up a non-profit that will help get poverty-stricken students into our classes.  So, I hereby invite you to look at our product and start in our classes.  Welcome to Get The Solution.



Jerry Baker, CEO