Many people are trying to get a job and can’t.  Many have even gone to University and even those who find a job usually don’t get a job in their major.  Now many companies have offered a solution.  But that solution

  • is usually very expensive
  • requires a lot of dedicated time for long periods of time (which means lost income)

Our solution

  • is pretty cheap
  • requires only a few hours a week over many years (which ensures you will not forget the material you learned)
  • allows you to continue your normal lives (which means you can keep studying hard while you use our services)

Many students want to get into a top university but

  • wait too long to educate themselves enough to do well in a top university or even get accepted
  • don’t even know how to prepare themselves for getting into a top university
  • too much competition from Chinese and Indian students
  • can’t get high enough English to get into a top university
  • up to 30% fail university because their English, while enough to gain entrance into a top university, wasn’t good enough to understand the lessons

Our solution

  • starts early so they have plenty of time to prepare themselves
  • teach them how to prepare for getting into a top university
  • helps students gain an advantage over Chinese and Indian students
  • help you learn English the right way so you not only can get into a top university but also do well in your classes
  • helps you gain an advantage over your classmates in many of your university classes and helps prepare you for a financially secure future at low cost.