There will be 44 weeks of classes each year with holiday projects.  Each class is 90 minutes.

We will offer three types of classes but we can hold more than one class for each type.

  • Slow (Tuesday and Thursday) – suggested for busy Middle School Students.
  • Medium (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – suggested for other Middle School Students.
  • Fast (Every day Monday through Friday) – suggested for High School Students and older (especially if you want to change careers).

All three types will have a FREE 2-hour lab/homework session.

In case of sickness and we get behind I may record the video offline and put it for you to watch, then offer a longer lab/homework session.

Please let me know what times you are available (please include your time zone) and I will try to schedule the classes to fit your schedule.  Also tell me if you want to start September, 2020 or January, 2021.

Our first session will start on about January 2, 2021 unless I get enough students to start this September, 2020.

Late registration is allowed for up to 8 weeks.  You will just download all the videos and watch them and do the homework to catch up.

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