Cost Questions

We are poor can you give us your service for free or give us a big discount?

For every student that registers I allow them to choose a poor student to learn with them.  Sorry but they must watch the class on the same computer.  Because the software we use charges if we exceed a certain number of seats.

So, see if one of your friends wants to join our class and ask if you can learn with him/her.

Other Requirements

Why do I need a TOEFL of 80 if I want a job in my country?

Remember, jobs are scarce.  If they were easy to get you would not be using my service.

I may not be able to get you a job in your country.  Plus jobs in other countries may pay more.

Once you have a job you and get experience, then it will be MUCH easier to get a job in your home country should you want to move back.

Do you really think people can get a 100 TOEFL if they are not native English speakers?

Of course!  There are 1000s of foreigners at top Universities and MANY of them did not have English as their native tongue.

Yes, it will be hard work but I will lead you in the right direction to make sure you can get that 100 TOEFL score.

Just remember, to get into a top university will take a lot of hard work.


Other Questions

What do I need to use your services?

You need a computer and fast internet service.

Well, actually the 2nd one is optional.  But, it will make the live video possible.  You can of course watch the video of the live lesson later at a slow speed.


How do you know people will be able to get a job in Python in the future? Maybe a new language will be needed.

It doesn’t matter, once you learn Python well, then you will be able to learn other languages.

As you see from the requirement to get a good job you will need to learn new programming languages.

Programmers today don’t know just 1 language, they know a few plus sometimes they will have to learn a new language at work.

While I am most fluent in C, I can also program well in Pro*C, Python, Visual Basic and REXX.  Plus I can use shell scripting, Oracle SQL and other tools.  As you gain experience I will help guide you in what you need to learn to get a good job (So, I won’t ask you to learn Visual Basic or REXX as they don’t have a lot of job openings).


Why do you require a minimum of 50 students to start the class?

I might start with a little less than that.

But, the reasons why I want/need 50 or more per class are …

  • Financial – the software I am using to broadcast my class to 50+ students cost a lot.
  • Time – it takes a lot of time to prepare classes plus once you are ready to get a job or get into a top university, it will take a LOT of my time, so I need to be paid for that time especially since the fee is low.

Can new students start at any time?

Yes, if they are late starting they can watch the old videos of the live classes.

However, they will STILL need to do all the homework I assigned.  So, they will have to catch up or they will need to wait till the next enrollment period.