Fast – full-year – Reduced Fee


Do you have a friend that is smart but cannot afford the class?  If you are willing to let them learn on your computer then please invite them along.

This class consists of:

  • 5 90 minute lessons a week (Monday through Friday)
  • 1 two-hour homework/lab optional class every week
  • for 44 weeks.  (get 4 weeks free by paying for the full year)

For the low cost of $1000 (50,000 PHP) a year.  That comes out to ABOUT $3 (150 PHP) an hour and that does not include the 2 hours free each week for lab help!

Contact me telling me which hours you are available and I will try to fit you into one of my classes.



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Note: This class is only If you are on the reduced lunch program, a Filipino or live in a non-first-world country.  Please send me a note explaining your situation to me and then you can sign up.

This class is perfect for high school students or adults wanting to change careers.

44 weeks of lessons.  The class will meet everyday Monday through Friday – 90 minutes each class.

330 hours of lessons + 2 hours each week of free lab (once real programming starts).

Total Cost $2200- ( 4 weeks free) = $2000 / 2 = $1000


Note: If you are on the FREE Lunch Program – contact us and be put on the list to get free lessons – once the company gets approved as a Charity.

Note: If you are on the reduced lunch program, a Filipino or live in a non-first-world country sign up for the half-price class and explain your situation to me.

Invite a friend who is smart but can’t afford the class.  As long as they use your computer, they can learn for free!


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