Fast – Trial Lesson for a week


This class consists of:

  • 5 90 minute lessons for one week (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • 1 two-hour homework/lab optional class

For the low cost of $65!  That is ABOUT $9 per hour (not including the 2 hour lab)

Contact me telling me which hours you are available and I will try to fit you into one of my classes.





This class is perfect for high school students or adults trying to change careers.

1 weeks of lessons.  The class will meet every day Monday through Friday – 90 minutes each class.

7.5 hours of lessons + 2 hours of free lab (once real programming starts).

Total Cost $65


Note: If you are on the FREE Lunch Program – contact us and be put on the list to get free lessons – once the company gets approved as a Charity.

Note: If you are on the reduced lunch program, a Filipino or live in a non-first-world country sign up for the half-price class and explain your situation to me.



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